Ellicott City Residence

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This residence in Ellicott City, MD is an example of adding more space is not always necessary to improve the current design of a home. The existing interior was very chopping from a poor planned addition many years prior to this renovation with the new resident. There were 2 doors on the front which cause much confusion for guests as to which door to approach. The design approach used was to incorporate the existing car port and totally rearranging the interior. It entailed shifting the kitchen to the rear and providing access to the large backyard which previously was not easily accessible and realigning the master bedroom and family room. By enclosing the carport, the homeowner gained a mudroom as well as a generous master bathroom and closet. The overall flow was significantly improved just by using the existing space more wisely and centralizing circulation.

  • Client: Ellicott City Residence
  • Filed under: Additions & Renovations, Single Family