Boys & Girls Hope House

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New house for Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore
Built in 2010 and featured on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This large single family home was provided as a means to serve the students of a residential program for “at-risk” girls within Baltimore City. Built in Overlea, a suburb of Baltimore City, the concept was designed around the history of brick row homes representing the “past” combined with the more contemporary styles such as an arched roof and paneled siding indication the path of the future for its intended residents. The house, 7 bedrooms, large spa-like bathrooms that surrounded a two-story dining hall which was the hub of all of the adjacent spaces, was conducive for the large family lifestyle so many of the girls lacked. This modular home had a full brick central facade combined with siding panels together with historical cornices and a curved standing seam metal roof although very different fit in to its surrounding context. It is a symbol that celebrates the philosophy of a National organization and the residents who live there.

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