Catonsville Residence

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This two-story home located in the quaint town of Catonsville, MD is reminiscent of the bungalow or craftsman style. It has a full front porch, cedar shake siding and accent brackets on the gables, is and was originally built in 1915. Unfortunately the siding was deteriorating, decorative shutters had been added, the porch had an obtrusive addition placed in the corner of it and the accent brackets at the gables had been covered in aluminum siding. It was in dire need of refurbishment. The prospective homeowners had set up a meeting for their real estate agent and our firm to meet at the home prior to purchasing it to evaluate if the home had the “good bones” necessary to undergo a renovation and addition. It was almost overwhelming at this first meeting for the homeowners to consider such a substantial purchase, to then turn around and destroy it. As a team we determined it was a good candidate for a full home remodel and addition. The rear was extended approximately 18 feet on all levels and provided the space to expand the kitchen add a family room, laundry and powder room on the first floor with side access from the parking area for the family without having to travel through the front door. During the remodel, the porch addition was removed, the shake siding repaired, repainted and enhanced, the applied shutters were removed and a more appropriate trim was added along with new windows around the entire home. The aluminum siding was removed from the brackets exposing a nicely detailed curved pattern that was then replicated for the rear extension. Every room underwent a refurbishment, wall paper removed, paint stripped, wood flooring revealed, most of which the homeowners did themselves. The second floor addition provided the space for the master suite and a separate master bath. The hall bath was previously located at the center rear of the existing home which was small and out of date. Since all substantial amount of space was being added to the second floor it made sense to borrow part of the existing rear bedroom and convert that to the new hall bath. When all was said and done, the home had regained it’s original sparkle, the old and new spaces were updated and open like the new homes of today and they still maintained the charm and character of a turn of the century home.

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