Greenwood Village

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Substantial Renovation in Cambridge, Maryland

Greenwood Village was the rehabilitation of 20 existing multi-level apartment units nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Maryland. The four existing groups of units were gutted down to exposing the existing wood structure and new steel framing and additional space was added above the second floors. This provided new open living spaces on the first floors and the addition of a third bedroom and second bathroom on the new third floor. The exterior finishes were all upgraded to new cementitious siding and stone with new gables, dormers and energy efficient windows. During the renovation multiple energy efficient elements were added including new and increased insulation, more efficient lighting and mechanical equipment. This project certified with Energy Star Homes and National Green Building Standards.

The two middle units at building group 2 were rearranged into two stacked single story units over a newly laid out community space on the first floor. This allowed us to keep the original number of units while providing a space for residents to gather and use. The community space also provided an office for the property manager to now have a place on site to oversee the property and help the residents.

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