Winston’s Choice

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Located in the city of Aberdeen, Maryland, Winston’s Choice Family Homes is the construction of 34 two story and 2 one story townhomes. The site is adjacent and interconnected to existing townhouse and multifamily communities, thus providing more expansion to the existing context of this residential neighborhood. Each home is certified by Energy Star Homes, utilizing green materials, high amounts of insulation, energy star windows and fixtures. Winston’s Choice Family Homes are spacious and well-designed, while offering comfort in affordable family housing. The open living/dining/kitchen plan offers a spacious feel and allows ample day-lighting throughout the space from the large living area windows. The exterior architectural features and design elements compliment the aesthetics of the nearby single family homes with residential style windows and doors with shingle roofing and metal roof accents. Each townhome has a covered porch entrance with accents such as tapered columns, which will be reminiscent of traditional residential architecture. The cover provides security and weather protection for the resident group. All the buildings have aesthetically pleasing exteriors constructed with quality durable materials requiring minimal maintenance. The building’s exterior façades steps forward and back to create visual contrast, breaking the row of townhomes into smaller components. Residential components such as projected bays and window shutters have been added to compliment the neighboring residential community aesthetic.

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